We only sell our creations in Winter Season each year, and since we don't have a storefront, you'll have to visit us at local craft markets, or write us on our 'Contact Us' form to order your share!

*Nina was busy having a baby this year (yaaay!), so there are VERY few chocolates to get your hands on in 2016! We are only selling at ONE market! You might want to place an order to make sure you get them while they last!  

Here is a link to our order form from 2015 to see our products and prices --> ORDER FORM

The BEST way to ensure that you get our chocolates, is by submitting your order in our 'Contact Us' section. Simply jot down what you'd like and what location and  date you'd like to pick up (no need to scan the form!)

You can come see us at the Following Fabulous Local Markets for the upcoming 2016 Winter season:


                 10am-5pm, The Pipe Shop Building,

                 115 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver​

How do I get my hands on these
amazing treats ?